Freddie is gets along with other cats and is easy going and affectionate, he often sleeps with his Foster Mom. He is a nice companion.~~If you are interested in this animal, you can complete a questionnaire at http://www.hbpr.org/hb-adopt-web.html, e... see more at Petfinder
~~ All cats are perfect but sometimes, just sometimes, 1 is beyond purr-fect! This darling cute boy is a purr machine who loves to cuddle. He will sit quietly with you as the world rushes by and when it is time for a catnap, he will sleep gently in your arms like a child. Upon waking, he looks deep into your eyes as if to say thank you for loving me, thank you for keeping me safe and thank you ...
~~ August Beauty is just that...a beauty! Russian Blue comes to mind when you look at her gorgeous round face and round eyes. August gave birth recently to 5 equally exquisite kids Summer, Indigo, Leo, Sunny and May and she made a lovable mother. She was so protective of her kids and did a superb job with them. And when they left her nest August settled into her own. She loves to be petted even...
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